Every year, more than 800 burn patients are admitted to the Arizona Burn Center. Thousands more are admitted to area hospitals.  In Arizona alone, 40% of all pediatric burn cases resulted from a scald burn, 23% a contact burn, and 21% a fire according to the Arizona Burn Center. In Maricopa County, 75% of all pediatric burn injuries are scald burns and 64% of those patients are under the age of 5. In fact, burns are the 4th most common accidental death-injury to children in our state! Burn and fire safety starts with prevention and education. Children are the most vulnerable group for burn and scald injuries. According to SafeKids Worldwide, every day, 300 children ages 0-12 are treated in emergency departments for burn-related injuries. Scald burns, caused by hot liquids or steam, and contact burns are the most common types of burn-related injuries among young children. We’re working to change that with Milo & Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers™ an innovative early childhood prevention and safety curriculum that teaches preschool children a variety of lifesaving fire safety and burn prevention skills.



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